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Seller Setup

Seller Setup is the first step towards each of these online Toyworth activities: selling products, authoring visual effects templates, authoring and publishing articles.
A. Input Your Seller Information
Upload your seller logo here:

Your seller name as it appears in Paypal:
Confirm name change:

Paypal e-mail address:

The following plans get you started selling products on Toyworth catalogs, which automatically harness our near-magical organical listing service.
B. Choose a Plan
You may create multiple catalogs under one account. Commitment is month-to-month. Stop the service at any time from within your Paypal Seller Tools.

Choose your Cart based on the total number of items for all your catalogs combined.

BLUECART Up to 5,000 items & 2.5gb.$99.95 Setup + $19.95/month
GREENCART Up to 20,000 items & 10gb.$99.95 Setup + $59.95/month
YELLOWCART Up to 100,000 items & 50gb.$199.95 Setup + $99.95/month
ORANGECART Up to 1,000,000 items & 500gb.$399.95 Setup + $299.95/month
REDCART Unlimited.$399.95 Setup + $599.95/month
Pay monthly using a credit card or Paypal account.
Today pay only the setup fee, monthly payments
start automatically in one week.
PayPal Acceptance Mark

Paypal charges a small transaction fee on each transaction. Our transaction fee is zero. Toyworth will show on payment screens and statements.

C. Create Your Catalog!
Click the Catalogs or Collections button at the top of any page. From there find your seller logo and click on it.

A system wide feature called the "Edit System" may be turned ON or OFF at will (see the red button at the bottom of any page).

Keep it turned ON to work on your Catalogs and Collections.
Keep it turned OFF to view them as you would another user.

You may return to this page at any time to modify your Seller Information or cart selection.

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