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1984 Voltron (Voltron) Accessories

Voltron Vehicle Team (Deluxe Warrior Set 1)

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Voltron is the eponymous super robot of an anime series that features a team of Earth humans, known as the Voltron Force. The team’s individual vehicles join together to form the giant super robot, with which they defend the galaxy from evil.

This Voltron team consists of fifteen members, divided into three teams of five, known respectively as the Land, Sea, and Air Teams. Each team is specialized in gathering data or fighting in their area of expertise. Each team can combine their vehicles into a bigger machine, with each combined vehicle differing amongst the three teams. These fighters are:

The Aqua Fighter (Sea Team)
The Turbo Terrain Fighter (Land Team)
The Strato Fighter (Air Team)

When necessary, all fifteen vehicles combine to form the mighty Voltron.

Produced in 1984 by Matchbox

Original retail price: $66.95

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Toy Categorization:   action figure / Voltron / Voltron / 1984 / / Accessories / Voltron Vehicle Team / Deluxe Warrior Set 1
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