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1984 Super Powers (Kenner)


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Action Feature: Power Action Lightning Legs

Prior to the Super Powers Collection, one manufacturer (in this case, the Mego Corporation) licensed both DC and Marvel characters for action figures.

When the Secret Wars toyline by Mattel, came onto the retail toy scene, it was set up as direct competition for the Kenner line. These figures, similar in scale to the Super Powers Collection, introduced a competing marketing strategy between manufacturers of Marvel and DC action figures. This started the trend of Marvel and DC using competing toy manufacturers to produce their toys—a trend that continues to this day

Character Bio

The Flash is the fastest man alive. He comes from Central City and he's a member of the Justice League of America. His powers are his speed. Flash can run so fast he can break the time barrier, vibrate through solid objects, run on top of bodies of water and up the side of buildings, and actually travel through time.

Produced in 1984 by Kenner

Original retail price: $3.97

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