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1984 Super Powers (Kenner)


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Action Feature:
Power Action Computer Kick

Kenner designed Brainiac featuring a "Power Action Computer Kick" Action-Feature for the Super Powers action figure line. The figure marked Kenner's first use of vac-metallization (which it would later use once again for Cyborg) on a Super Powers figure. Kenner released Brainiac in the initial 1984 1st series wave, however the figure, like many other 1st series characters, was included in the 1985 2nd series assortment.

Character Bio

In the 1980s, DC Comics attempted to re-define several aspects of its Superman series in order to boost sagging sales. In Action Comics #544 (June 1983), Brainiac had constructed a giant, artificial, computer-controlled planet and used it in his latest attempt to destroy Superman; unfortunately, his defeat at the hands of the Man of Steel left him trapped at the center of the planet, unable to escape. He was forced to make a nearby star explode in a nova in order to destroy the machine-world and allow him to recreate his form.

His new body (designed by Ed Hannigan) had the appearance of a skeleton of living metal with a grey (sometimes iridescent), honeycomb-patterned "braincase." He also created a starship to house his new body which was actually an extension of himself; the ship was shaped like his own skull, with metal tentacles dangling from it that he could manipulate at will. Brainiac retained this appearance until after the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Produced in 1984 by Kenner

Original retail price: $3.97

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