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1979 Star Wars (Star Wars 1978-1979) Accessories

Millennium Falcon

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Picture Credit: m.collectablz


Picture Credit: m.collectablz


Character Bio

A legendary starship despite its humble origins and deceptively shabby exterior, the Millennium Falcon has played a role in some of the Rebel Alliance's greatest victories over the Empire. On the surface, the Falcon looks like a worn down junker. Beneath its hull, however, she packs many powerful secrets. Its owners have made "special modifications" on the freighter throughout the years, boosting its speed, shielding and performance to impressive -- and downright illegal -- levels. Its weaponry has been upgraded to military-class, and even the cabin space has a few surprises, such as concealed scanner-proof smuggling compartments.

The Falcon pays a heavy price for these tricks and add-ons. It can be unpredictable, and its reconditioned hyperdrive often fails. Its current captain, Han Solo, has even been seen to restart a failed start-up with a hard knock on a bulkhead with his fist.

Produced in 1979 by Kenner

Original retail price: $24.77

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