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1985 Robotech (Robotech)


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Figure Includes: Removable Helmet, Gun

Character Bio

Miriya Parina Sterling was a female Zentraedi who served as an act within the Imperial Zentraedi Forces. A born warrior, Miriya Parina eventually rose to become an ace within the Zentraedi Elite Forces and a Captain of the Quadrano Squadron.

After being defeated, Miriya was determined to find the pilot that had excelled her combat talents. Miriya spent sometime among the Humans while attempting to find Max Sterling with the intention of regaining her honor. She was defeated in the video game duel and later tried to kill Max in a knife fight at the park. However, she was defeated again and shocked to learn that Sterling was in love with her. She in turn found herself to experience love and later married Max Sterling in an event that marked the first union between a Zentraedi with a Human.

Produced in 1985 by Matchbox

Original retail price: $2.99

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