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1985 Robotech (Robotech)

Max Sterling

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Figure Includes: Removable Helmet, Gun

* Character is voiced by Cam Clarke (credited as "Jimmy Flinders" at the time), is one of the fictional characters in the Robotech anime television series.

Character Bio

Maximillian Sterling is a young fighter pilot assigned to Rick Hunter's various commands (Black Group, Vermillion Team, and Skull Squadron) along with Ben Dixon. He is 19 years old at the beginning of the Robotech's "Macross Saga" and is easily recognized by his blue hair and glasses. His unassuming personality belies his deadly prowess as the SDF-1’s most renowned Veritech pilot.

Max is preternaturally talented with near-perfect fighting judgment. He is widely recognized to be the most dangerous Veritech combat pilot in the entire Robotech universe.

Produced in 1985 by Matchbox

Original retail price: $2.95

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