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1986 Princess of Power (Mattel)


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One of the rarest figures in the series

Character Bio

Spinnerella only makes one appearance in the series, and is shown to be a naive person. She is fooled by Hordak into thinking her friend Netossa has been captured by The Rebellion, when it is really The Horde who are responsible. When Spinnerella is told that her friend has been captured by The Rebellion, she aids The Horde in gaining entry into The Whispering Woods by using her own ability to disable the trees' power. Although the Woods have been shown to keep out the villains, it is possible that Spinnerella is able to enter with The Horde as she is concerned for her friend. In her single episode, she is shown to be one of the most powerful members of The Rebellion. It is established that she and Netossa live in an area of Etheria, which is not controlled by The Horde. When she realizes that she has been duped by Hordak, she turns her power against him.

Produced in 1986 by Mattel

Original retail price: $6.99

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