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1986 Karate Kid (The Karate Kid)


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Each action figure had a "Tri Action" Feature.

"According to actor Martin Kove (in the DVD Documentary), he had gotten a call from John G. Avildsen stating that they wanted him to audition for Kreese but was then told to wait. Kove wanted the role so much that he turned down other prospects in order to get this part. But when the "waiting" dragged out for a few weeks, Kove became annoyed as he kept turning down parts. Finally when Avildsen called Kove in to audition, Kove was so annoyed at Avildsen that he berated the director and channeled his anger into an intense audition. Ultimately, that intensity got him the role." Source: IMDB

Product Description:

Figure included a "break away wall" accessory.

Actor Bio:

Visit the official Martin Kove website:

Here is a video review of the Karate Kid figure line.
The Kreese action figure is featured (at the 3:00 mark):

Produced in 1986 by Remco

Original retail price: $5.99

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