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1986 INHUMANOIDS (Hasbro)


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Each figure had a "glow in the light" feature.

Character Bio

Mightiest of the Inhumanoids, Metlar dwells in his fiery domain of Infernac at the Earth's core. A hot-headed fountain of aggression, Metlar is able to spit balls of flaming lava, yet is not without his Achilles' heel: he is particularly susceptible to paralysis by magnetism, which therefore makes Magnokor, the magnetic Mutore, his foremost nemesis.

(Ancillary material: A licensed Inhumanoids storybook, Cult of the Great Protector, suggests that Metlar may also have an aversion to water: in this tale, Earth Corps' plans to lure Metlar to a cliffside which they will then blast from underfoot, dumping him into the ocean where they foresee that he will "rust away to nothing." Although the plan fails, Earth Corps manages to hold Metlar at bay with a barrage of water cannons. The bio on the packaging of the Metlar toy suggests that this is his weakness as well.)

Produced in 1986 by Hasbro

Original retail price: $24.99

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