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1983 He Man_Masters of the Universe (Mattel)

Stratos (12 Back)

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Accessories Include: Removable Jetpack and wing armbands.

A variation of this figure includes a Red Jet pack and Blue wing armbands.

Originally Beast Man was going to be He-Man's arch rival, Stratos was an evil warrior and Mer-Man and Tri-Klops were both intended to be heroic warriors. This changed by the time of their release.

Character Bio

Stratos is one of the Heroic Warriors. He has the power of flight and energy projection, and is the leader of a race of birdpeople who inhabit the airborne city of Avion, high in the Mystic Mountains.

The Bird People are close allies of He-Man, and Stratos is one of his most trusted warriors. Besides the power of flight and his aerial acrobatic skills, Stratos is also a handy spy for the Heroic Warriors due to his sharp, bird-like eyes.

No origin was ever given for Stratos in either of the two cartoons, but a comic produced by MV Creatons to accompany the 2002 series revealed that his entire race was flightless until a magical staff gave them wings and the power of flight. The people of Avion use rocket packs for increased speed and navigation.

Produced in 1983 by Mattel

Original retail price: $4.99

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