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2007 DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS (Series 2 Gorilla Grodd B.A.F)

Superman Blue

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The package includes a "Left Arm" piece to build the "Gorilla Grodd" figure.

Character Bio

The second incarnation of Superman Red and Superman Blue began in a 1998 storyline. While temporarily deprived of the solar energy needed to provide the energy his body required to give him powers, Superman had developed electricity-based abilities, which eventually forced him to adopt a blue and white containment suit to prevent the energy dispersing.

While retaining most of his abilities, he could now also generate electric attacks rather than his original heat-vision. He also gained the ability to turn his powers "off," though this left him as vulnerable as a normal human. This version of Superman was referred to by some fans as "Electric Blue Superman"

Produced in 2007 by Mattel

Original retail price: $14.95

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