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2007 DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS (Series 1 Metamorpho B.A.F)

Metamorpho (Build A Figure Exclusive)

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By combining each extra part included in the Series 1 figure assortment, you get a Build A Figure (or B.A.F for short) "Metamorpho" exclusive.

Character Bio

Metamorpho, unlike other super-humanoids described in DC Comics, could not assume a fully human, normal appearance, being no longer composed of flesh, blood and bone. As such, he regarded his metamorphic powers as a disease and sought a cure for his condition. (A common theme in science fiction and comic books.) He considered himself a non-human freak because of his abilities and wanted to be restored to normal. For that reason, he rejected an offer of membership that the Justice League of America extended to him.

Produced in 2007 by Mattel

Original retail price: $NA

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Toy Categorization:   action figure / DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS / Series 1 Metamorpho B.A.F / 2007 / / Items / Metamorpho / Build A Figure Exclusive
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