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C.O.P.S ’n’ Crooks was a line of action figures produced by Hasbro and sold between 1988 and 1989. These figures are made up of police and criminals of the future and uses the tagline: "Fighting Crime in a Future Time."

In the packages containing the C.O.P.S. figures, only the C.O.P.S. logo is shown while the packages containing the CROOKS figure features only the phrase "N'CROOKS" shown right next to the logo. Each figure, fully articulated and poseable, standing about six inches tall on the average, came with cap gun accessories that allowed kids, who played with them, to fire off their weapons by pulling back the trigger and releasing it to cause a spark and a popping noise when the trigger slams into a strip of cap firing paper.

Each figure also had a file card printed on the back of the package that contained a biography of the character. These file cards were written by Larry Hama, who also wrote the file cards for Hasbro’s G.I. Joe action figures. The artwork made for each package is illustrated by Bart Sears, Mark Pennington, and McNabb Studios.

Several female C.O.P.S. and Crooks characters (Mainframe, Nightshade, Mirage, and Ms. Demeanor) appeared in the cartoon and the comics, but were never released as action figures.

1988 COPS

Estimated Value



Robert E. "A.P.E.S." Waldo -
A police officer who worked with the Boston Police Department.
He has a pair of long grappling hand devices similar
to LongArm's powercuffs. A.P.E.S. is short for
Automated Police Enforcement System.

Produced in 1988 by Hasbro.
Original retail price: $5.99

Estimated Value



Baldwin P. "Bulletproof" Vess.
The main protagonist of the series and leader of C.O.P.S.
During a fight, he ends up seriously injured.
To save his life, scientists perform an operation that gives him
a cybernetic torso to save his life as it would take years
for his torso to recover.

Going by the name "Bulletproof" due to the cybernetic torso
being able to deflect bullets,
Baldwin assembles a team to form C.O.P.S.
and stop Big Boss and his gang of crooks.

Produced in 1988 by Hasbro.
Original retail price: $5.99

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